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Friday 28, January 2022 Make home page

Halloween Bill Kill

Ayy don't play with me no more
Kill Bill
Real spill
Helluva made this beat, baby

Ayy, when that money on the line niggas say the round
But when those bullets go to flyin' niggas change they mind
I shot that choppa cuz this bitch don't know the old side
And I just found out that bitch playin' both sides
These niggas they aimin' at my v-neck for this whole time
It's like I'm playing Russian roulette with this .45
Swear I ain't seen my nigga v-necks in a long time
These niggas was hating and I ain't see that, I was goin' blind

I shook back off that, y'all already know what I mean
If you ain't caught nobody hungry
I don't want you on my team
I'm smokin' death, I roll on X, I pour promethazine
I don't take no threat, I keep a TEC, y'all know me better than me
I was in New Orleans, shoulda stopped by the Me
Rest in peace, Soulja Slim, free lil' BG
I'm pulling scams, selling grams like the nominees
I really played when I should have stayed with Dominique
I was jacking folks, I was dropping locs, cuz I was tryna eat
I was selling dope right out the door, them folks was watchin' me
I remember nights I have no lights, this shit was hard for me
I grew up poor, I ain't have no hope, I ain't have no pot to pee
I'm creepin' through, I don't do no molly, I'm on a fuckin percy
I'm tryna stack a few more bodies for my fuckin birthday
And all I want for my birthday is a few more bodies
And when it's all said and done we gonna see who smilin'
My nigga pulled up on me told me how he peeped the setup
It wasn't for me but why you wanna see my niggas wet up
I'm bringing pain to a nigga and I won't ever let up
I'm leaving stains on a nigga like my name ketchup
Before you beef with me lil' nigga you better run the check-up
I'm slidin' by your momma house in a brand new rental
These niggas hate I swear forgot em' I'm on a brand new level
I don't do no flags I put my life on the instrumental
I shoulda been a rockstar cuz I woulda been totin' metal
I ain't like these other rap niggas I still be in the ghetto
I put my dogs in a safehouse in Sacramento
These niggas be bitches don't really be with it these niggas be wearin' stilettos